Investors Can Start The First Trading Pools Breathing Liquidity Into Their Assets
Automated market makers: Everyone can be a market marker behind all assets and gain fees on this.
Innovative Automated Market Making With Liquidity Pools Open To All Investors
IX Swap is a solution for the massive “long tail” of security tokens which lack the prominence needed to list on a major CEX and the minimum liquidity required by market-makers.
“bridging The Gap Between Tradfi And Defi - Bringing Liquidity To The Sto And F-nft Market”
IX Swap is a TradFi-DeFi bridge that facilitates the trading of security tokens and fractionalized NFTs through licensed custodians and security brokers, which will provide actual ownership and claim over these (real-world) assets.
IX Swap’s mission is to use blockchain technology to build liquidity solutions and infrastructure for the security token and fractionalized NFT ecosystem, providing trading and global access to this untapped asset class.
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InvestaX provides key infrastructure for issuing, trading and custody of security tokens. IX Swap now brings the last piece of the infrastructure to fuel the growth of the industry by providing liquidity solutions to any offering with world class technology solutions.
This is completely game-changing for the entire STO industry and will bring the same surge of growth in trading volumes that Uniswap delivered to cryptocurrency trading on their decentralized exchange.