InvestaX collaborates with Ledgity to explore providing Tokenized asset solutions to wealth management services for clients and financial advisors.

As capital markets move towards adoption of blockchain, we believe that the access to new products should be all-inclusive, as such, InvestaX is pleased to announce a collaboration with Ledgity to explore digital securities and  wealth management services. Both InvestaX and Ledgity are in line with our vision, allow exposure to new investment opportunities to  global audiences and have signed an MoU to work on the right infrastructures driving the adoption of digital securities both locally and globally.

This collaboration will encompass creating an environment to allow us to seamlessly integrate cross border listings, by tackling several regulatory and technical challenges together. This will allow both platforms to not only expand its list of digital security products but to expand the access to security tokens in different jurisdictions

“The purpose of this partnership is to combine tech and regulatory knowledge  with the unique goal of shaping the future of finance,” says Ledgity’s CEO Pierre-Yves Dittlot.

“Slowly but surely the adoption of securities on the blockchain has been on the rise, with each part of the puzzle being built year on year. We are now at the cusp of a turning point where infrastructures are finally in place and the market is more ready than ever before. This is why it is important to find the right partners in the right areas to work together to build the bridges that move towards solidifying blockchain in finance. The change is now”  says InvestaX CEO Julian Kwan

ABOUT InvestaX

InvestaX is a leading digital securities investment and trading platform licensed by the MAS for offering end-to-end solutions for the issuance, trading, and custody of digital securities for real estate, private equity and other alternative investments. InvestaX is an early pioneer in the use of blockchain technologies and works with both issuers as well as investors to use DLT to develop leading technology-driven investment vehicles and products to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and transparency, remove friction, and facilitate secondary market trading in private capital markets.


Ledgity, the next-generation financial services platform for clients and financial advisors built on Cardano. Ledgity redesigns wealth management through an intuitive, secure and transparent digital solution, opening new investment horizons with the best of the on-chain and off-chain world. With a large community of independent financial advisors, Ledgity provides thousands of high net worth individuals the opportunity to access new investment solutions: tokenized assets, Defi, NFT.

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