Lares Digital Bond
15,000,000 GBP
Projected Fundraise

IDAP Alternative Investments S.à r.l. is a corporation incorporated in Luxembourg with business focus on originating and issuing tokenized investment opportunities.

Lares Digital Bond is debt financing of an affordable housing project — “UK Communiiity Homes Group — Impact Innovation Income” (UKCH), which is seeking to acquire up to 10,000 tenanted affordable housing properties (mainly 2–3 bedroom houses, apartments, and HMOs) in the Midlands and Northern England. The Lares Digital Bonds will be used to finance up to 2,000 of the 10,000 total properties sought.

The portfolio will take advantage of long-term market trends (shortage of affordable housing in the UK, more people renting, governmental preference of professional landlords etc.) to provide value while providing an opportunity for working-class families and individuals to get quality housing at an affordable price.

Deal Highlights

UKCH is acquiring, primarily, tenanted 2–3 bedroom, houses, apartments, and HMOs (Houses in multiple occupation) in the Midlands and Northern England using a network of local sourcing and property management firms. These regions are relatively dense with government-supported areas that are perfect for steady rental yields from working family tenants, which tends to be a rental property segment unaffected by downturns.

The goal is to acquire cash-flow generating, residential assets in the UK with no permitting or build risk. Most properties are tenanted upon acquisition and therefore cash flow producing from day one. The average rents of £ 300–700 have been stable over several decades and can be well supported by average wages in the area of £ 1,200 per month. Due to the local shortage of affordable homes the occupancy rate is kept high, often exceeding 90%.

Apart from a stable source of income, the UKCH investment strategy is also to have its own positive impact strategy regarding improved tenant living conditions and support of local communities.