IDAP Brazil Nut ePPN
10,000,000 USD
Projected Fundraise

IDAP is an investment and strategic advisory firm providing tradable SME alternative assets and private equity through distributed finance.The ePPNs represent fractional beneficial interest in existing, purchased raw Brazil nuts, and an obligation of the Program Manager to process and distribute the final product. The standard quantities sold are 16,000 kg of the final product, which represent one shipping container.

Cashflows are generated by sale to wholesale distribution, where profit is shared between Program Manager and ePPN holders on a quarterly basis

Deal Highlights

This niche sustainable agro strategy seeks cash returns, by leveraging the established and growing Brazil nut market. The approximate 50% spread between raw nut purchase (from harvesters in the Amazon) price and sale to wholesale distribution offers good yield with low downside risks.A global leader in the production of Brazil nuts will act as the Program Manager, sourcing, producing and selling the product to the market with state-of-art facilities and sales network.


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