Wave BTC Income & Growth Digital Fund
10,000,000 USD
Projected Fundraise

Wave Financial is a US SEC-registered Investment Advisor, which creates and managed a suite of diversified digital asset investment products Investment Strategies – Applying successful traditional investment strategies to digital assets, such as income & growth, index tracking, real asset tokenization, and venture capital. Tokenized Funds – Offering regulated and managed exposure to digital assets, providing an outlet for unmet demand for unique exposure. Wealth Management – Working with each client to support the unique needs of their individual portfolio, using bespoke strategies and institutional service providers.

Wave BTC Income & Growth Digital Fund Ltd. (the “Fund”), a BVI business company operating as an open-ended investment fund, managed by Wave Financial LLC, a SEC Registered Investment Advisor, providing Bitcoin exposure and income through Covered Call strategy, holding BTC while selling Call options monthly.

Deal Highlights

Investment Objective The investment objective of the Fund is to seek above-average rates of return through short and long-term capital growth and income generation by capturing the BTC volatility risk premium through “call overwriting.”