Brox Token
20,000,000 USD
Projected Fundraise

Brox Equity Ltd. (the “Company”) a corporation incorporated under the laws of the Province of British Columbia. The Company transforms its underlying energy reserves into investible digital assets for increased profitability.

Brox Equity Ltd. (the “Company”) a corporation is focused on acquiring stranded natural gas reserves for low-cost power generation to energize efficient bitcoin mining operations.

Deal Highlights

The Brox Business Model

  • A vertically integrated business model
  • Acquiring low-cost natural gas assets
  • Converting wasted/stranded natural gas into usable electricity
  • Powering on-site data centres for data mining operations
  • Supplying power to the electrical grids
  • Providing competitively priced power to third-party data centre operators
  • Operating company-owned data centres that mine bitcoin (BTC)