[Podcast] Tokenizing ESG Assets - A Real Case Study with Mark Mah
Linh Tran

Join our CEO and Co-Founder Julian Kwan, as he takes a deep dive into how tokenization can help drive towards a greener future, with Mark Mah, Co-Founder & CEO of FRACSIO. The two visionaries provided an in depth conversation on ESG (environmental, social, and governance) themed assets.

Mark and his team is very tech savvy and has many years of operating and investing experience in renewable energy and real estate assets. So they understand first-hand the challenges associated with being the developers or investors of these types of assets: long ROI cycle, highly illiquid, and high entry barriers. And the team knew that they need some kind of solution, and here is where tokenization came in.

His company, FRACSIO launched their SEA Solar Token Series 1 on our sister platform - IX Swap Launchpad. This ESG themed asset is a part of a series that will help drive towards a greener future powered by blockchain.

The timestamp:

  • 1:10 - Guest speaker introduction
  • 2:25 - Mark's background in ESG assets
  • 4:45 - A solar PV project in Southeast Asia adhering to ESG mandates.
  • 6:27 - Mark shares his approach to tokenizing ESG assets.
  • 7:58 - Mark's first ESG product tokenization and launching on IX Swap
  • 10:00 - Julian on IX Swap’s AMM/liquidity solutions for tokenized assets
  • 15:40 - The plan to address liquidity challenges for solar assets and drive token adoption

Listen to the episode below!

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