Our tech team at InvestaX has been refining the architecture of the API platform over the past several months since I started as CTO, and I cannot give AWS here in Singapore enough praise. They have the best user group, the best cloud service offerings, the best sales process, and on and on...

What really made my jaw drop today on the phone with Danny at AWS was the relentless value that Amazon provides. I'm always hesitant going into vendor tech calls, because as the industry has new companies and solutions coming out all the time,  my predisposition going into a call is how might I distill value from the time it takes to hear a pitch that may or may not be the best fit for what we're doing. And then there is the AWS call.


We have been thinking MAS Technology Risk Management guidelines internally, and coming from a Cyber Security company, I knew there would be a lot of pain from an operations point-of-view to get policies, procedures and humans compliant with TRM. Danny and a Solution's Architect named Andrew started delivering value 1 minute into the call.

We knocked 50% of the TRM workload off our compliance road-map by choosing AWS. Normally, I won't drop everything after a vendor call and blog about the value I just got, but my goodness. Amazon provides professional, value-added conversations with every interaction.

The most refreshing part of the call with AWS was that it wasn't a sales call. It was a genuine, profit driven effort by AWS for our business to succeed. One of the questions Andrew asked was about our timeline to production launch. Our team is used to getting pressure from Julian our CEO on timeline, but Andrew shoe-horned the Exchange into our near term launch goals.

As we are building an end-to-end compliant and regulated digital securities platform for primary issuance and secondary exchange, I told Danny and Andrew that we need another month to get the Issuance API live in production. Somehow, Andrew had me nodding my head that our Secondary Exchange API may as well go live concurrently. Ha.

AWS, and especially the team here in Singapore, have yet to offer an experience that hasn't been rife with value. It's very nice to know our technology is in good hands.

Well done AWS, now I have to get back to work!